2017/05/01 - 2017/05/31
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  • Ishikawa

Wine Kanazawa 2017

Many kinds of world’s wine, great dishes made by chefs from local restaurants, and unique foodstuffs get together at this…

Otabi-maturi Festival 2017

With a 340-year history, this Festival is famous for its magnificent Hikiyama (portable shrines) and the lovely Children Kabuki Performances….

Green & Flower Festival 2017

A workshop in addition to a spot sale city of a plant and a floral plant and produce exhibits is…

Spring Green Music Festival 2017

The music event performed in Ishikawa.

dessert tour in Wakura-Onsen 2017

You can taste dessert only in Wakura Onsen.

Ishikawa tourism of the products museum “Japanese sweets handmade experience”

Craftsman of Japanese sweets Kanazawa, teaches carefully how to make Japanese sweets. Japanese sweets will be able to bring back….

Traditional Handicrafts Village

Experience the heart and soul of Japan through the culture of Kaga.