Vintage Sake Renaissance 2017

It is a tasting event for vintage sake. Over 100 kinds of vintage sake can be tasted. Enjoy sake with…

Niigata Sakenojin 2017

Niigata Sakenojin is held in 2016! Niigata Sakenojin was originally held in 2004 as a fifty’s anniversary of Niigata Sake…

Azumamine Sake Party 2017

This is a Japanese sake party in Iwate. Participants can meet Japanese sake makers in Iwate and enjoy their sake….

Echigo Nagaoka Bishu Meguri – Meet Tasty Sake in The Town

Nagaoka is one of famous sake town in Niigata, Japan. 34 restaurants serve special menu which can be taken stamps…

Enjoy Sake!

Japanese sake tasting event in ENGLISH! Enjoy 4 different cups of sake tasting and know about sake, history, and culture!…


Enjoy the deep red and the elegant and sharp white from the world’s largest winery with 110 years of history.

Takahata Wine – Winery Tour

We are welcome to visit our winery, Takahata wine in Yamagata.

Edelwein – Winery Tour

Edelwein is in Iwate, Tohoku, Japan. We use the grape from the local area. We are sure you love wine…