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Whisky Tests 2018

“Whiskey test” is an examination to know more whiskey and knowledge to enjoy more.

Niigata Ocha Festival 2018

This is a tea event in Niigata. There are tea, cultures, traditional customs, foods, and vessels. It aims international exchange…

Otateyama Festival 2018

The Heijo Palace site is where the ancient capital of Nara once stood over 1,300 years ago. It is also…

Mystery tour – Discover Toyama, the “medicine city”

“Mystery tour” The itinerary depends on the day, so please enjoy the day’s special itinerary! ♪ You will be able…


The Ibaraki Nature Museum Sharks collection.

Ryukyu glass experience in Ryukyu glass village

Let’s challenge the Ryukyu glass work to make your own! The Ryukyu glass village, you can a lot of things…