Category: Ramen

Nippon Men Summit in Morioka 2016

This is an event that can eat the noodles such as ramen and soba and udon.

GuUma Yokohama Ramen Street (Zenkoku Furusato Fair 2016)

This is the ramen event that takes place in the Zenkoku Furusato Fair.

Hiroshima Ramen Stadium 2016

Many famous ramen shops from all over Japan will gather at Old Hiroshima Stadium.

Niigata Ramen Kingdom “All Japan Noodle Festival” 2016

Red-hot ramen shops will come to Aeon Niigata West Branch! famous ramen shops from all over Japan open a store…

The 6th Yamanashi Ramen Matsuri 2016

It will be held on the 6th Yamanashi ramen Festival. We look forward to welcoming everyone!

Ramen Japan in Bingo(Fukuyama)

This is the ramen event to be held in Fukuyama City, Hiroshima Prefecture.

Shizuoka Ramen Street in Numazu

Various famous ramen shops of Sgizuoka gather at Yudai Festa! It opened 5 stores every day.

Sagamiha-Ramen Grand Prix 2016

Various ramen shops in Sagamihara City serve their original ramen using the ingredients of “Galactic Federal Republic” (Noshiro in Akita,…

Dai Tsukemen Haku 2016

Tsukemen is a kind of the ramen, and the noodles of the style which attaches noodles to soup and eats…

Ramen EXPO 2016 in Bampakukoen

“Ramen EXPO 2016 in Bampakukoen” is one of the largest ramen event in Japan. Local ramen which is selected from…

Tokyo Ramen Show 2016

What kind of ramen can I eat? In TOKYO RAMEN SHOW 2016, there are “local ramen” from around Japan. And…

2016 Yamagata Ramen Map

This event is the stamp rally which 56 ramen shops of Yamagata participates in. If you visit over 3 of…


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