SakaiPlaza of Rikyu and Akiko Special Exhibition Beautiful Folding Fans

Folding fans originated in Japan. Because of their gorgeous appearance, they not only
provide people with coolness but also play an active role in various occasions, including
celebrations, the tea ceremony, and traditional stage. Because of its shape, which becomes
increasingly wider at the upper part, symbolizing prosperity, the fan is considered a
propitious object. To share its good luck, the Sakai Plaza of Rikyu and Akiko is holding an
exhibition to commemorate its second anniversary. Enjoy the world of delicate, dazzling
folding fans.

Last updated: 15 February, 2017

1 March, 2017 - 31 March, 2017

9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.

Adultse 300yen Senior high school students 200yen Elementary and junior high school students 100yen

SakaiPlaza of Rikyu and Akiko

2-1-1 Shukuin-cho Nishi,Sakai-ku,Sakai City 590-0958

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