The 4th Kawanishi town art Museum 2017

Kawanishi townscape art museum Kinta-kun What is gallery?
We will offer free space such as commercial facilities and business offices in central urban area of ​​Kawanishi City during the period and exhibit artworks offered from all over the country.

The theme is
“The art of coloring the town and people”
The theme is to create a museum where you will be familiar with “town” through “art works” and “writers”.
In the case of
【Implementation content】
· “Kin Takun Gallery” 2/19 ~ 3/5
· “Townscape Live Paint Festa” 2/26
· “Townscape Art Market” 2/19
· “Town Walk Art Tour & History Walking” 2/25, 26
· “Machiomi workshop” 2/19, 3/4
· “Search for Kin Takkan!” 2/19 ~ 3/5
· “Maichi Wall Art” ※ The event has ended.
· Opening ceremony & live art (2/19 13 o’clock ~ Azegawa West Piipupu Square)
· Machizumi Artist Talk 2/19

【Exhibit contents】
Art / Crafts etc (Painting, Illustration, Ceramics, Sculpture, Three-dimensional Modeling, Video, etc.)

Sunday, February 19, Heisei 30 – March 5 (Sun) of Heisei 20
※ The opening time varies depending on each venue.

Last updated: 6 December, 2016

19 February, 2017 - 5 March, 2017

Holding time varies according to each venue.

Admission free

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Kawanishi city

Kawanishi city, Hyogo 666-0004

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