The 78th The Black Ship Festival 2017

Festival theme: Time Travel to the Dawn of Japan’s Modernization
– Where am I? Have passersby stepped out of the Edo Period?

Time travel begins at the Shimoda Station Sekisho (travelers’ inspection point) and continues through the “Open Door” Bazaar in the Old Downtown Area of Shimoda onto Perry Road and the Okawabata bayside area along the harbor.

“Change Into Period Costume” Corner
Visit this corner and change into period costume. Transform yourself into Edo townsfolk and enjoy the Black Ship Festival “Open Door” Bazaar!

“Open Door” Bazaar
Edo-style vendors carry their trade on their shoulders, while Edo townsfolk stroll by. Stop by at the portrait painters’ corner, shooting gallery, and many other attractions. There will be magic shows, old-style banana vendors, candy artwork, Shichimi-togarashi (seven-flavored blended peppers) and much more. Street performers and artisans will perform feats that are amazing to your eyes and astounding to your ears!

Historic Reenactment Play
A comic reenactment of the signing ceremony for the treaty that opened Japan to the world will be performed at Ryosenji Temple.

Fireworks! Fireworks! Fireworks!
A display of fireworks launched at sea and traditional hand-held tubular fireworks.

Official parade of uniformed naval officers from Japan and the United States.
Festive Parade of citizens in Edo period costumes.

Last updated: 12 April, 2017

19 May, 2017 - 21 May, 2017

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