Italian Restaurant Colosseo presents: Italian Opera Dinner!

This event gives a chance to all the italian opera lovers to enjoy the exhibition of two masters of opera in Japan, Morii miki and Mizuguchi Kenji, together with a special course made only for this event.

Menu Course:
Seasonal vegetables appetizer
Fettuccine with white asparagus and prawn
Veal roll with scamorza and fresh onion
Bianco mangiare with blood orange
Bread, Coffee

Opera Program:
First part:
・Maine Stein Song(Piano) – Duetto
・Canzone – Duetto
・Il Bacio – Morii Miki
・カンツォーネ歌曲 – Kenji Mizuguchi
・Firenze Sogna – Morii Miki
・Musica Proibita – Duetto
Second part:
・L’elisir d’amore  Duetto
・Una furtiva lagrima – Kenji Mizuguchi
・O mio babbino caro – Morii Miki
・Mario! Mario! – Duetto
・Vissi d‘arte, – Morii Miki
・È luvevan le stelle, – Kenji Mizuguchi
・O soave fanciulla Kenji Mizuguchi

Last updated: 9 March, 2017

8 April, 2017

Opening18:30 Start19:00 - Finish21:30

7000Yen(Tax Incl.)

Colosseo Restaurant

3-2-6 Minamisenba, Chuo-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka 542-0082

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