Ishikawa tourism of the products museum “Japanese sweets handmade experience”

Craftsman of Japanese sweets Kanazawa, teaches carefully how to make Japanese sweets. Japanese sweets will be able to bring back. (The three which I made with myself, one which a craftsman made​​)
Led shop because of the different every day, I can enjoy a different flavor each time.

Congestion is expected by the date and time. It can surely experience if a reservation over the phone. The reservation is needed if more than 10 people.
(From official website)

Last updated: 1 April, 2016

6 times Saturday, Sunday and public holidays (For details, see the official website)


Ishikawa tourism of the products museum (Ishikawa ken kanko bussan kan)

2-20, Kenrokumachi, Kanazawa-shi, Ishikawa 920-0936

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