SILK LABO experiential seminar (Kyoto)

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“February 24″
“Sacred thread with raw cocoons”
When you warm the yellow cocoon in a pot, you can easily take silk thread.
I will experience that I can make silk thread that shines yellow myself. In the afternoon section, we can experience circular weaving with this thread.

“Make twist yarn / silk button”
Twist yarn = twisting yarn (depending on).
As for the silk thread of the dough which it makes in the morning is thin because it is one
By twisting together several pieces, it becomes thick and becomes a strong thread. The range of applications will also increase and it will be available for various things.
We stretch threads in a circular frame radially to make a round weave.
Make the woven fabric made into a walnut button and finish it like a brooch or a hair clasp.
When you choose colors and textures to choose from your own sense, original buttons and accessories will be completed.
Will finish beautifully like a mandala … enjoy being done!

☆ Participation is OK with parents. (Child fee not set)

“March 24″
“Embroidery thread dyeing”
I will experience the work of dyeing Japanese embroidery embroidery thread with plant dyeing.
Extra fine silk thread is difficult to handle, so this time we will experience in short thread condition.

“Cherry blossoms with Japanese embroidery”
Embroider the cherry motifs on the silk fabric of Shionoya.
I think that it will be valuable time that can not be experienced easily with delicate work. In case
The finished cloth can be made into a drawstring bag.

“March 25″
“Mulberry seedlings making”
Mulberry tree necessary for raising silkworm. The origin for making silk is the mulberry tree.
Mulberry trees for silkworms make seedlings with grafting. You can experience that saplings.

“Mulberry field visit and farm visit”
We will visit the actual mulberry field to see the condition of the seedlings and the growth of mulberry trees.
We also experience mulberry trees that grow without fertilizer and organic pesticide, and at the same time farm work of natural cultivation next door.

Last updated: 19 February, 2018

24 February, 2018 - 25 March, 2018

Group 9:50 Morning part 10:00-12:00 Silk Course 13:00-14:00 Afternoon Department 14:00-16:00

Throughout the day 5,000 yen - Morning only - Afternoon only 3,000 yen - Material cost for each round

Kameoka-shi Koryu Kaikan 2F

Miyazakichokozaki 15, Kameoka-shi, Kyoto 621-0242

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