Location: Ishikawa

“Hakusankikusake” Tasting Party

Hakusankikusake tasting party is held in Hakusan, Ishikawa. Enjoy Japanese sake made in Ishikawa!

Foodpia Kanazawa 2018

“Foodpia Kanazawa” is a food event in Kanazawa, Ishikawa. You can enjouy its food culture and the natural features of…

Experience for Geisha in Kanazawa 2017

Kanawaza is a city in which the traditions of old Japan are still alive. There is historical old-world flavor townscape,…

dessert tour in Wakura-Onsen 2017

You can taste dessert only in Wakura Onsen.

Ishikawa tourism of the products museum “Japanese sweets handmade experience”

Craftsman of Japanese sweets Kanazawa, teaches carefully how to make Japanese sweets. Japanese sweets will be able to bring back….

Traditional Handicrafts Village

Experience the heart and soul of Japan through the culture of Kaga.