Location: Mie

Maneki Neko Matsuri 2017 – Lucky Cat Festival

The Maneki Neko is a common Japanese figurine (lucky charm, talisman), usually made of ceramic in modern times, which is…

Summer Festa 2017 in Matsusaka

Local burger and cheap local dishes Held in Mie.

Matsusaka Organic Market Suzunariichi(September)

Friendly handmade food shops gather. Let’s enjoy organic food. ※ Rain stopped

The 30th Yokkaichi fireworks 2017

Colorful fireworks are set off from three boats. There is not much distance between the launching site and the viewing…

Nagashima Onsen Fireworks Contest

Nagashima Onsen Fireworks Contest in summer is held this year as well. Famous fireworks magazines from all over the country…