Location: Shiga

Moriyama winter firefly 2017(SHIGA)

It will be held also “Moriyama winter firefly” this year. ※ flyer of the countdown event

The 4th Nagahama Umeshu Festival 2018

It is a Umeshu tasting event in Shiga. 50 kinds of umeshu can be tried. The dates of the event…

Jizake Train in Oumi 2018

It is a special train in Oumi. Participants drink 11 kinds of domestic Japanese sake on this train. There is…

BIWAKO OTSUKAN 2017 Illumination

In BIWAKO OTSUKAN, the adjacent English Garden was lit up to the main venue with illumination.

The 67th Nagahama Bonsai Exhibition of Ume Trees with Blossoms

The annual bonsai plum tree festival marks the imminent arrival of spring in Nagahama. Some ninety pots of graceful plum…