Location: Tochigi

The Nighttime Illumination at Tobu World Square 2017-2018

In winter, the exhibits of Tobu World Square are beautifully illuminated with light strings and spotlights. The lights create a…

Light ACUARIO ~Stained glass harmony~

I will introduce a group of jellyfish and tropical fishes in the sea at the interior illumination venue that imaged…

Snow Festival in Oku Nikko Yumoto Onsen 2018

About 1,000 yukiakaris in a shape like a minuture-size kamakura create the fantastic world decorated by “snow” and “light.”

Yunishikawa Kamakura Festival 2018

In daytime, visitors can enjoy snow sledding on the slope and barbeque in a kamakura or snow hut (reservation required),….

Flower Fantasy 2017-2018

Light Flower Garden biggest Illumination event in Eastern Japan width 4 million lights It is our 16th performance and authenticated…

Nikko Yuba Manufacturing Company/Nikko factory: Factory tour

- Manufacturing process tour I described with guide you through the factory, the history and manufacturing process of Yuba. -…


Enjoy the deep red and the elegant and sharp white from the world’s largest winery with 110 years of history.