Location: Tochigi

Utsunomiya Castle Cherry Festival 2017

Four kinds of cherry blossoms can be enjoyed in the park of Utsunomiya Castle. And, there are a stage and…

The KISSYOTEN is on display for the first time

To commemorate Nikko Opening Mountain 1250, we will on display for the first time the statue of the Kissyoten. July…

Yunishikawa Kamakura Festival 2017

In daytime, visitors can enjoy snow sledding on the slope and barbeque in a kamakura or snow hut (reservation required),….

Snow Festival in Oku Nikko Yumoto Onsen 2016-2017

About 1,000 yukiakaris in a shape like a minuture-size kamakura create the fantastic world decorated by “snow” and “light.”

The Nighttime Illumination at Tobu World Square 2016-2017

In winter, the exhibits of Tobu World Square are beautifully illuminated with light strings and spotlights. The lights create a…

Nikko Yuba Manufacturing Company/Nikko factory: Factory tour

- Manufacturing process tour I described with guide you through the factory, the history and manufacturing process of Yuba. -…


Enjoy the deep red and the elegant and sharp white from the world’s largest winery with 110 years of history.