12th Washu Fes in Nakameguro

The 12th WASHU Fes is a Japanese alcohol tasting festival.

SAKE TASTING ~Spring Festival~

apanese Sake, shochu, beer tasting festival is held in this spring.

Japan Wine Festival in Hanamaki Oohasama 2019

Japan Wine Festival is held in Hanamaki Oohasama, Iwate with support from wineries of Hokkaido, Tohoku, Kanto, and Koshinetsu area….

Manpaku 2019(Showa Kinen Park)

Manpaku is the abbreviated name for a “Manpuku(=full stomach) Hakurankai(=exposition).” It was named in the image of the huge festival…

Big Tasting Event “Haru no Utage” 2019

Meet good liquor from all over Japan!

Shimazake Festa 2019

Shimazake Festa is a alcohol event led by Awamori makers with the motto of “Alcohol contents make Okinawa as a…

Kashima Sakagura Tourism 2019

Visit several sake breweries, get to know sake makers, and taste their sakes. Explore the area and enjoy local foods,…

Jizake Train in Oumi 2019

It is a special train in Oumi. Participants drink 10 kinds of Junmaishu on this train. There is also good…

Kaiwinery – Winery Tour

We would like to introduce our wine and work. ※ Closed : Thursday


Enjoy the deep red and the elegant and sharp white from the world’s largest winery with 110 years of history.

Takahata Wine – Winery Tour

We are welcome to visit our winery, Takahata wine in Yamagata.

Edelwein – Winery Tour

Edelwein is in Iwate, Tohoku, Japan. We use the grape from the local area. We are sure you love wine…