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Makake! Jeena-juku “Interpretations of All Robot Anime TV Programs in Showa Period”

speaker: Jeena Andow (Raymond Hooter), Sekiro (Otaku SE) Interpretations of All Robot Anime TV Programs in Showa Period on a…

“Bloom Into You” Special Fan Event

Holding of Juan Special event “looking a distance eastern senior high school Student general meeting” decided on Sunday, May 26,…

Winnie the Pooh exhibition(Osaka)

Winnie the Pooh exhibition in Osaka.

Winnie the Pooh exhibition(Tokyo)

Winnie the Pooh exhibition in Tokyo.

Television animation “ANIMAYELL” special event

TV animation “Anima ale” special event will be held at the RISURU Hall on April 14, 2019!

Television animation “GOBLIN SLAYER” special event

A television animation “GOBLIN SLAYER” special event decides on May 26, 2019 as holding!

“Today’s MENU for EMIYA Family” special event

“Today’s MENU for EMIYA Family” a special event decides on June 30, 2019 as holding!


It’s expected to sing a television animation “zombie Rand Saga” OP theme, a ED theme and a show tune.

“Akkun and Kanojo” Special Event

Holding of a special event of “Akkun and Kanojo” decides! It’s held by 2 performance on Saturday, March 30, 2019.

Television animation “Golden Kamuy” special event

Holding of a television animation “Golden Kamuy” special event decides! Special event by Sugimoto, Tsurumi and Tsuchikata and others. Please…

[Tokyo] 30th anniversary of job of painting is commemorated Ken Obata exhibition.

The exhibition which commemorated 30th anniversary of Mr. Ken Obata’s job of painting is held in summer in 2019 and…

The final “Attack on Titan Exhibition”

A magnificent original painting exhibition that mobilized more than 250,000 people in Tokyo in 2014 appeared with further scale up.

Exhibition “Rough ∞ picture”

An exhibition “rough infinite picture” exhibits a rough picture and a completion original of 4 people, Osamu Akimoto, Kikou Amano,…

Ghibli Exhibition(Toyama)

It is an exhibition that you can experience the history of about 30 years since the establishment of “Studio Ghibli”.

TV anime “BANANA FISH” Original exhibition【OSAKA】

TV anime ‘BANANA FISH’ original picture exhibition decision

TV anime “BANANA FISH” Original exhibition【Tokyo】

TV anime ‘BANANA FISH’ original picture exhibition decision

Fujita Kazuhiro Original exhibition

More than 200 color originals and cartoon manuscripts! 30th anniversary of job of painting is commemorated and an original exhibition…

DORAGONBALL SUPER SAIYA-JIN Super Strongest Exhibition

In “HACHITAMA” of Fuji Telecasting spherical view room, “DragonBall, super- SAIYA-JIN, super-strongest exhibition” holding! Opening to the public of a…

The 5th Manga artists conference in Manga Kingdom Tosa(Kochi)

This is an event where various manga artists and voice actors gather.

BAKI Original exhibition

75,000,000 copies of series total circulation is exceeded more than serialization starting in 1991. Very popular battle cartoon “BAKI” series…