Chogen no sato: Folk art craft experience

I can make that experience with their own hands the old-fashioned folk art crafted.
Let’s make a one-of-a-kind work with their own hands !
* Wednesday is a regular holiday. (If Wednesday is a public holiday, the next day.)
* The case of the use in the organization, and must be booked in advance from the official site.
* Visit the official site for more information.

English Guide Map

Fureai kobo
– Indigo dyeing
Handkerchief: 864yen / towel: 972yen / tea mat: 972yen
– Weaving
Weave pattern: 540yen (2 people) / plain weave: 972yen (3 people)
– Woodwork kit
There is a woodworking kit of about 30 kinds.

Home of papermaking “Shiranami”
– Papermaking
3 postcards: 540yen / 4 pieces bookmark: 540yen / 1 postcard, two bookmarks: 540yen / Colored paper: 432yen

Soba experience workshop “Chougen”
* It must be booked in advance.
– Soba experience
Material cost included: 1,000yen

Home of Kitake “Takumi”
* For woodworking experience, please contact us beforehand certainly
– Woodwork, bamboo work
Water gun: 540yen / Taketonbo: 540yen / Rubber gun: 770yen / Other
-Free production experience (Plus cost of materials)
* This experience must be booked in advance.
Machine use charge included (half day): 1,080yen / (1 day): 2,160yen

Ishiburo(Stone Bath)

Last updated: 4 April, 2019
Price Prices vary by experience content
Venue Chogen no sato, Experience facility
1137, Tokuji Fukadani, Yamaguchi-shi, Yamaguchi 747-0235