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Experience making goldfish lantern/Yanai striped cloth/Dyeing experience

At Yanai Seizo, you can experience craftsmanship representative of Yanai city, which is ideal for creating memories. Do you not make Yanai folk art only for you?

Hands on experience with making “Goldfish lantern” and “Yanai striped cloth”and“Dyeing experience”.
This one story wooden house was built towards the end of Taisei period, with tile roofing and white walls.

Experience making the beloved folk art – “goldfish lantern” inside the Soy sauce storehouse built at the end of Taisei period (30mins/900-yen).
As well as making traditional coaster “Yanai striped cloth” (30mins/400-yen). The facility also includes a gallery, which displays the works of local crafts.

Last updated: 5 April, 2021
Price 400 yen (Yanai striped cloth) / 900 yen (goldfish lantern) / ● Staining experience handkerchief (small) 400 yen~
Venue Yanai Seizo
3700-8, Yanai, Yanai, Yamaguchi 742-0021