Japanese Home Cooking Class Yurico / Calligraphy experience

I’d like to introduce Japanese home cooking to foreign visitors to Japan. And I want you experience and feel our everyday life and make good memories of your trip. Many tourists visit Japan and enjoy Japanese food very much recently.I want you to know the Japanese true home cooking which a Japanese eats every day.There are many of Japanese seasonal delicious dishes, as well as sushi and the tempura which everybody knows. I’d like to draw the taste of material out and cook from scratch when make Japanese food. Please learn some and return and add the menu of the Japanese food to the daily dining table in your house. Also, I began calligraphy experience after cooking class. The calligraphy is the most familiar Japanese culture in modern Japanese, please come and experience on this occasion.
Let’s cook and eat happily! Please come over to my house!


Last updated: 4 April, 2019
Price 7,000yen (cooking class) / 3,000yen(calligraphy)
Venue Cooking Class Yurico
Morishita, Koto-ku, Tokyo