Tatto mura: Experience Class

In Tatto mura, the theme of “Human Nature” and “city and country”, and is implementing classroom experience every season.
*Prior confirmation is required. Please check the official site for more information.

– Grape juice making
Price: 500yen
Holding period: August 10 – The end of September

– Haya sushi making
Price: 2,000yen
Holding period: August 1 – The end of November
*You can take out Sushi

– Arita mandarin orange hunting
Price: Adult (junior high school or more) … 1,500yen / Children (elementary school or more) … 1,200yen
Holding period: October 10 – December 15
*You can take out oranges 2kg (about 20)

– Orange ponzu sauce making + Grilled shiitake set
Price: 2,300yen
Holding period: November 15 – The end of February the following year
*You can add one ponzu sauce 500yen

Last updated: 4 April, 2019
Time 10:00am~7:00pm
Price Prices vary by course
Venue Tatto mura (Tatto village)
2104-1, Shimotsuno, Aridagawa-cho Arida-gun, Wakayama 643-0021