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[Temporarily closing]Traditional Log Rafting(wakayama)

To prevent the spread of coronavirus disease COVID-19, this event has been temporarily suspended.
Please check in advance about resumption with organizer, the official website, etc.

This is the only place in Japan where tourists can experience logging rafts. Feel the soul-stirring paddling of rafters as you go down the swift currents of the Kitayama River. Its origin is in lumber transportation in which felled lumber was assembled into rafts and brought to the mouth of the river. This practice was done for over 600 years.

May Sat / Sun / Holiday
Jun Sat / Sun
Jul every day except on Thursdays
Aug every day except on Thursdays
Sep every day except on Thursdays

[meeting time]
1 10:20
2 12:40

[recommended age]
10-75 years old

Last updated: 3 April, 2020
Price 6,600yen(adult) / 3,300yen(elementary school students)
Venue Kitayama Village Tourism Center
335, Shimooi, Kitayama, Higashimuro, Kitayamamura, Wakayama 647-1604