Location: Kochi

Tosa no “OKYAKU” 2019

“Tosa no OKYAKU” it means that banquet of Kochi Prefecture. In this event, about 40 events, such as a meal,…

Ashizuri kamellia Matsuri 2019

In Tosashimizu there is a cape of Ashizuri, Ashizuri camellia festival will be held in February, which is a city…

The 5th Manga artists conference in Manga Kingdom Tosa(Kochi)

This is an event where various manga artists and voice actors gather.

Exhibition – Meiji era seen in local toys -

This exhibition introduces Japanese toys in the Meiji Era.

Illuminations Festa 2018-2019(Kochi)

Kochi winter tradition. Also this year’s Central Park, gorgeously in sparkling illuminations! North exit of 17m of the symbol tree,…


It is held at YASEA PARK special course in CYCLOCROS Kochi which is very popular all over the world. There…

Exhibition – New Year’s Day at Kochi Castle Museum of History

In this exhibition, we will introduce the arts and crafts which treated a picture and a pattern of auspicious symbols….