Location: Miyazaki

Something special will happen on Valentine’s Day at Gokase Highland Ski Resort!

On Valentine’s Day, Gokase Highland Ski Resort will present gifts to the first 200 arrivals. Of course, you can enjoy…

karikobozu Winter Festival 2019

Nishimera-son is full of nostalgic and heartwarming events!

Miyazaki illumination in 2018

The theme is “love with Kirameki is in town.” About Half a million balls of illumination will color the city.

Gokase Highland Ski Resort’s 2019 Season is going to open soon!!

2019 season of Gokase Highland Ski Resort, the southernmost Ski Rrsort in Japan, will open on December 14. Thanks to…

Lighting-up Takachiho Canyon 2018-2019

Fantastic Manai’s waterfall and prismatic structure are surfaced in silence at night, and a cool breeze is Takachiho at night…