Location: Yamagata

Uesugi Snow Lantern Festival 2019

“Uesugi Snow Lantern Festival” is held at Uesugi Shrine, Yonezawa city in Yamagata every year. When candles are lit up…

The 24th Ooyama Shinshu Sakagura Matsuri

“Ooyama Shinshu Sakaguar Matsuri” is a Japanese sake brewery tour in Ooyama, Yamagata. Participants go around four breweries and taste…

Our Treasure – Goods related to the local area -

At this exhibition, we will introduce items related to Yamagata’s homeland.


Opening event of Yamagata prefecture snow festival season. Snow statues / snowman contests, gourmet events will be held.

The 32th Sakata Nihonkai Codfish Festival 2019

Taste of the winter Sea of Japan, Dongara-jiru (Dongara-jiru) of cold cod and local cuisine of Sakata link the eaves…

Feast of Zao frost-covered trees Festival 2019

It unfolds in the night of the slopes, it is feast of snow and fire. Skiing, and brilliant demonstration by…

Tsuruoka Winter Festival light-up 2018-2019

Old Nishitagawa District, Yamagata office-Taiho Museum of Western-style buildings of chalk is written up. At dusk of snow is building…

Takahata Wine – Winery Tour

We are welcome to visit our winery, Takahata wine in Yamagata.