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●PickUP!! 東京で行われるイベント

Experience of Traditional Japanese Culture

Inspired by Zen philosophy, the name Koomon refers to a house without a fence and a gate, where you can…

Laos Festival 2019(TOKYO)

Sa Bai Dee, May I greet in Lao word “Sa Bai Dee” which means “Konnichiwa” and “Hello”, and also mean…

Oedo Hawaii Festival 2019

The Culture exchange between Japan and Hawaii began with the arrival of the first 149 Japanese (first year) in May…

  • [中華個室宴会火鍋食放題]

中華火鍋 食べ放題 南国亭 神谷町駅前店

地下鉄日比谷線神谷町駅3番出口 徒歩1分

神谷町駅近 宴会大人数のご予約受付中!幹事様必見特典! ●一番人気!2H100種中華食べ放題1999円(税抜)! ●【絶対お得】店長おすすめスペシャルコース2980円

  • [居酒屋]


地下鉄日比谷線神谷町駅4a出口 徒歩6分

〒105-0001 東京都港区虎ノ門3-8-21 虎ノ門33森ビル1F
TEL 03-3431-1889