Snow and Ice Festival 2020

In Japan, it’s coldest period spanning January through March. Events on the theme of ice and snow of winter only in various regions is held.

Winter Illumination 2019-2020

In clear air, it is the season when towns shine. When it is winter in Japan, illuminations are seen at many cities and famous places.

Autumn Leaves 2019

In the foliage season, a lot of people go out to see the foliage, and go “Momiji-gari (to view the scarlet maple leaves)” in Japan. Sights such as Oirase(Aomori), Nikko(Tochigi), Arashiyama(Kyoto) are thronged with tourists.

Summer Festival & Fireworks 2019

Summer has come again in this year. Japan is very humid and hot in summer. But, many people look forward to summer events. JAPAN ATTRACTIONS introduces enjoyable Japanese summer.

SAKURA – Cherry Blossom 2019

The cherry blossoms are in full bloom with the coming of spring. They burst into bloom then fall fleetingly and gracefully.

Cultural Festival

“Cultural Festival” is held on meny universities and schools in Japan. That is usual event for Japanese,however it rarely take place on another country.

Famous Japanese pop culture: “Hey, those guys live in the future.”

Available in summer are a great variety of anime events, pop cultures that Japan is proud of!

Workshop for Japanese Experience

Japan has rainy season at many areas. It makes people stay inside, so why don’t you join the event at the inside?

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