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The 2nd Wine Festa 2018 in Kurayoshi City Hotel

The biggest wine festa in Sanin Region is Held in Kurayoshi City Hotel. There are wine seminars, after party, and…

Katashimo Wine Festival 2018

Wine festival in Katashimo winery is held again this year! You can enjoy walking on a street with wine, like…

Gokase Winery Harvest Festival 2018

Gokase Winery Harvest Festival is one of the most biggest events in Gokase, where you can enjoy Gokase Winery’s new…

St Vincent Hachioji 2018 Fall

It is a wine tasting and bar-hopping event in Hachioji. Find your favorite. Enjoy wine and great dishes!

Tunnel Wine Festa 2018

it is a wine festival in Kanagawa. Tunnel is likened to wine and a storage house ( It is called…

Wine Festa 2018 in Stcousair Hill

You can drink fermenting wine at this event only! Wine lovers enjoy wine and families enjoy foods, activities, and music…

Machinaka Wine Festa 2018

It is the best season to ship new wine, Machinaka Wine Festa is held to enjoy many wines casually.

NAGANO WINE Fes in Nagoya 2018

NAGANO WINE Fes is a wine event to connect with Nagano and wine lovers in Nagoya. wineries from Nagano get…

The 15th AJU Wine Festa in Tajimi Catholic monastery 2018

15 years have past since peers with disabilities started to grow grapes, help to make wine. The wine festa is…

Whisky Festival 2018 in TOKYO

The biggest whiskey event in Japan!

Event in Autumn “SAKE TERRACE Vol.4” Holding!

Enjoy different sake from Kyoto breweries,craftbeer and craft gin.We provide special foods that matches the SAKE perfectly!


This Event is walk to eat restaurant special menu of odaiba.

Gifu Wine Festa 2018

Gifu Wine Festa is wine and food event to show good foods, restaurants in Gifu. The event aims to become…

Osaka Bio Wine Festa 2018

We hope people as much as possible to drink real great bio wine. This aspiration moves us to start the…

The 7th Chiba Prefecture production liquor fair

Date and time: Saturday, October 27 – Sunday 28th (Sunday) 2018 11: 00 – 18: 00 Location: Matsudo Tourist Information…

Manpaku in Banpaku 2018 (Osaka)

Manpaku is the abbreviated name for a “Manpuku(=full stomach) Hakurankai(=exposition).” It was named in the image of the huge festival…


The 11th WASHU Fes is a Japanese alcohol tasting festival.

Oita Kurafueshu 2018 in Osaka

A tasting event of sake.

Sapporo Sparkling Fes 2018

It is a bar-hopping event for sparkling wine. Over 100 restaurants and shops serve world’s sparkling wine.

Tsuno Wine Harvest Festival 2018

It is a celebration of new wine in Tsuno, Miyazaki. Enjoy peaceful time with great dishes and wine.