2017/01/01 - 2017/12/31
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  • Kyoto

Spanish Festival in Kyoto International Community House(kokoka) 2017

4rd spain festival will be held on 6/3, 6/4. Famous Spanish restaurants in Kyoto will gather in Kyoto City International…

Tango Tenshu Matsuri 2017

This is a food and Japanese sake event in Tango, Kyoto. Eight Japanese sake breweries hold the event at the…

Aoi Matsuri (Hollyhock Leaf Crest Festival) 2017

May brings fresh greenery to the Tadasu-no-mori, setting a beautiful scene for Shimogamo shrine’s flagship festival, the Aoi Matsuri. The…

Craft Beer Festa Kyoto 2017

This is the popular “Beer Event” that will be held this time for the 8th time. Enjoy tasty beer!

Kameoka Mitsuhide Festival 2017

In memory of the virtue of Mitsuhide Akechi, who had long been the lord of this region including Kameyama Castle…

Kyoto National Museum 120th Anniversary Commemorative Special Exhibition Kaiho Yusho

Kyoto National Museum 120th Anniversary Commemorative Special Exhibition Kaiho Yusho

Non-verbal performance”GEAR”

Highlights of “GEAR” It is a non-verbal performance that does not involve the use of words!! The story unfolds through…

Experience one-day tour ! Tofu lunch & Making Hand towel(Tenugui) in Kyoto!

◆Experience making hand towle (Tenugui) and Tofu lunch ~ ●This tour includes an experience of stencil dyeing for Japanese hand…

The 2017 Miss SAKE Pageant

This event has ended.


This event has ended.

Kyoto Illumiale 2016-2017

This event has ended.

Tea Ceremony Experience near Kinkakuji(shared)

The price includes 2 kinds of powdered green tea (Matcha), and dried traditional sweets. Both are made by shops of…

Experience of Japanese Tea Ceremony

En is a small Japanese-style teahouse in the Gion area of Kyoto. You can enjoy an authentic tea ceremony experience…