2017/03/01 - 2017/03/31
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  • Hokkaido

IWAMIZAWA Doka Yuki Matsuri 2017

This festival is an event to enjoy in many Lieing thick snow.

Akan Lake Ice Festival 2017

Enjoy the cold winter night on the frozen lake where fireworks beautifully illuminate the clear winter sky. Akan Ice Festival…

2017 Shikaribetsu Lake KOTAN

“Shikaribetsu Lake KOTAN” is taken place in and around the Shikaribetsu Lake every year. At the bar which I made…

SOUNKYO Hot Springs Ice Fall Festival 2017

SOUNKYO Hot Springs Ice Fall Festival is known as one of the best winter events in Hokkaido. This year’s theme…

Garinko-go II Drift ice the great Mombetsu experience 2017

Garinko-go II (Hokkaido heritage attraction) Drift ice tourism has turned a winter plague from the Sea of Okhotsk into a…

Furano Kan Kan Mura – Snow Night Fantasy 2016-2017

Located in front of the New Furano Prince Hotel, the Kan Kan Mura is home to a snow dome and…

The36th Sapporo White Illumination 2016-2017

“Sapporo White Illumination” which was established as a charming sights to decorate the early winter of Sapporo, will celebrate the…