The 4th Chiba Prefecture Produce Liquor Fair

Date and time: Saturday, July 28th – Sunday 29th (Sunday) 2018 11: 00 – 18: 00
Location: Matsudo Tourist Information Center 2F (7-3 Honcho Matsudo-shi, Chiba Prefecture)
free entrance
Inquiries: TEL 047 (703) 1100
Co-organizer: Kurihara Merchant Co., Ltd., Chiba Prefectural Alcohol Sales Co., Ltd.
Cooperation: General Association Matsudo City Tourist Association, NPO Matsudo Citizen Theater Company
◆ In addition to the last season ‘s summer sake, the 4th time also is scheduled for tasting and spot sale with carefully selected gems brought directly to the tourist information offices by the brewer of various places in the prefecture. Please taste Chiba ‘s famous sake and find your favorite.
◆ In addition, speaking of “summer” is beer!
As a campaign commemorating the 30th anniversary of the Sapporo Beer Chiba Factory, we are planning free tasting of new products scheduled to be released in July (limited quantity) as well as tasting sales of local beers in various places!
◆ In addition to brewers in Chiba prefecture, exhibitions · tastings · sales of various sake such as alcohol made in Chiba prefecture, liquor made with ciba-kun or local wine using pears and fruits from Chiba prefecture will also be scheduled Doing.
◆ This project was realized by the proposal of members of Matsudo City Tourism Association. This fiscal year, we plan to regularly hold this local sake fair every month as effective use of the information floor second floor hall.

Last updated: 29 June, 2018

28 July, 2018 - 29 July, 2018


Admission free

Matsudo Tourist Information Center 2F

Honcho 7-3, Matsudo-shi, Chiba 271-0091

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