Meeting to know the Sake brewery of the East Mikawa 2017 (Toyohashi)

Dates 2017 March 19 (Sunday) 17:00 19:00
Venue MeiYutaka building main building 7th floor Hall (see map below)
Input field fee of 3,000 yen (snack-liquor with souvenir) Capacity 250 people
In advance on the ticket purchase, please join us. There is no day tickets.

The contents tasting
- Complete the “Kagamibiraki” barrel wine.
· Sake tasting make the tournament.
· There is a lottery in which the liquor hits of each brewery.
· There is a delicacy corner of east Mikawa.
- Your admission of persons under 20 years of age, you can not.
- Your coming by car, please refrain.

Exhibition brewery (name) Iseya shop (Toyohashi) Sekiya brewing Co., Ltd. (Shitara)
 Fukui Shuzo Co., Ltd. (Toyohashi) in alphabetical order
Special participation (capital) Shibata Sake Brewery (Anjyou) Imanishiseibei Shop Co., Ltd. (Nara Prefecture Nara-shi)

Exhibition delicacy shop kingdom Kunimatsu stores and Yamasa chikuwa Yamazaki Fisheries

Please buy a ticket in the Application method liquor stores or exhibition brewery
Cancellation and refund after ticket purchase, can not be accepted.
You deadline as soon as it becomes capacity tighten Off Date 2017 March 7 (Tuesday).
Contact Aichi Prefecture retail liquor Youth Federation TEL 0532-46-4086 (Saturday, Sunday and public holidays rest)

Last updated: 27 December, 2016

19 March, 2017

5:00 pm - 7:00 pm

3,000 yen


Dozakacho, Toyohashi-shi, Aichi 441-8038

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