What Samurai Used to Wear

Samurai, having to balance survival in feudal society against a duty to preserve their values and beliefs, needed to gird or add to themselves a variety of articles, not only clothes.
Besides their various gorgeous costumes, armor, Jimbaori battle surcoat, etc., in times of conflagration or fire, they wore special fire-fighting clothing when commanding the vanguard. The swords at their waists and the incense that they burned showed off their level of education and the spirit of their owner. Likewise on the battlefield, they put on the protection of the gods of Shinto and the Buddha in the role of their sword as an amulet or talisman. Furthermore, in order to become accomplished Samurai, they would learn various works of classical literature, being proficient in artistic entertainment and the martial arts besides.
In addition to the things above that the Samurai put on themselves, we will exhibit the saddles and stirrups that they put on their hoses, and the decorated cylindrical protective covers in which they carried their matchlocks and swords.
We would be very happy if through this exhibition of what samurai once enfolded themselves in, we might provide an opportunity for you to think about the meaning of what we all normally wear today. Thank you.

Last updated: 12 April, 2018

21 April, 2018 - 17 June, 2018

10:00 am - 5:00 pm(Last admission:4:30 pm)

adult:500 yen high school students:300 yen 15 years old or younger:free



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