The 52th Sanuki Takamatsu Festival 2017

“Takamatsu Festival” of us that was built by the ancestors of many who love the local will celebrate the 51 th time this year. Now as one of the four major festival of Shikoku, also, as a celebration that decorate the midsummer night of Sanuki road, including everyone of the citizens, we have been familiar to many tourists.

Takamatsu festival of this year, the slogan “Monosso”, great festival, as a major event worthy of the Creative City “Takamatsu”, the Central Park, Central Street, Sunport Takamatsu to the main venue, will be grandly held.

08/12:5:30 pm – 10:00 pm
08/13:6:00 pm – 10:00 pm (Fireworks:8:00 pm – 8:50 pm)
08/14:6:00 pm – 10:00 pm

Last updated: 3 July, 2017

12 August, 2017 - 14 August, 2017

Takamatsu Central Park 、Chuo-dori 、sunport Takamatsu (Fireworks:sunport Takamatsu)

1-11, Bancho, Takamatsu-shi, Kagawa 760-0017

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