Snow and Ice Festival 2017

In Japan, it’s coldest period spanning January through March.
Events on the theme of ice and snow of winter only in various regions is held.
We enjoy the harsh winter with exhibitions of snow statues and ice sculptures, and making Kamakura(Japanese igloo).

Winter in Japan

The northwesterly wind blows, about 52% of the country, mostly the Sea of Japan side and mountainous area, becomes one of the heaviest snowfall area in the world.
In contrast with that area, it is often dry and sunny weather in the Pacific Ocean side.

Average Temperature in January 2013

  Average High Low
Sapporo -4.7℃(23.54℉) -2.0 (28.4℉) -8.0 (17.6℉)
Tokyo 5.5 (41.9℉) 9.6 (49.28℉) 1.8 (35.24℉)
Osaka 5.2 (41.36℉) 9.0 (48.2℉) 1.7 (35.06℉)
Fukuoka 6.1 (42.98℉) 9.8 (49.64℉) 2.9 (37.22℉)
Naha 17.0 (62.6℉) 19.7 (67.46℉) 14.3 (57.74℉)


The minimum temperature record: -41.0℃ (-41.8℉) Kamikawa, Hokkaido 1902/1/25
The minimum temperature in 2013: -31.9℃ (-25.42℉) Nakatonbetsu, Hokkaido 2013/1/17


The deepest Snow : 1,182cm Mt.Ibuki in Shiga 1927/2/14
The heaviest daily snowfall : 230cm Mt.Ibuki in Shiga 1975/1/14
(World records both)

Drift Ice

The Sea of Okhotsk side in Hokkaido
(The southern limit of the sea water itself freezes in the northern hemisphere)

Soft Rime

Famous spots: Zao, Yamagata / Mt.Hakkoda in Aomori / Mt.Hachimantai in Akita and Iwate

Natural landscape of winter in Japan

Time Lapse of Winter Scene (HD 720p)

JAPAN ATTRACTIONS features events on the theme of ice and snow.
We tend to be lack of exercise and holed up in house in cold winter. Let's move body to participate in events!

Echigo Matsudai Fuyu-no-jin (Winter Festival) 2017

It is a winter festival on snow! There are many plans such as Yosakoi dance, tug of war on snow,…

Nakasato Setsugen Carnival 2017

The unusual traditional Muko-nage and Baitou Festivals; and the Matsudai Fuyu-no-jin, an obstacle race on a snowy course, are collectively…

Echigokawaguchi Kamakura Firefly Festival 2017

It is a snow festival in Kawaguchi, Niigata. Thousands of candles make fantasy world in snow field. There are many…

Towadako Winter Story 2017

It is the mystical illuminations of Lake Towada during winter. Fireworks (everyday 8:00 pm – 8:10 pm) The Maiden Statue…

IWAMIZAWA Doka Yuki Matsuri 2017

This festival is an event to enjoy in many Lieing thick snow.

Garinko-go II Drift ice the great Mombetsu experience 2017

Garinko-go II (Hokkaido heritage attraction) Drift ice tourism has turned a winter plague from the Sea of Okhotsk into a…

Yunishikawa Kamakura Festival 2017

In daytime, visitors can enjoy snow sledding on the slope and barbeque in a kamakura or snow hut (reservation required),….

Snow Festival in Oku Nikko Yumoto Onsen 2016-2017

About 1,000 yukiakaris in a shape like a minuture-size kamakura create the fantastic world decorated by “snow” and “light.”

Ice Monsters light-up in Zao Onsen 2017

Climate Condition for the Creation of the Juhyo Zao Onsen is rightfully well-known for it’s spectacular “Ice Monsters”. One of…

SOUNKYO Hot Springs Ice Fall Festival 2017

SOUNKYO Hot Springs Ice Fall Festival is known as one of the best winter events in Hokkaido. This year’s theme…

Akan Lake Ice Festival 2017

Enjoy the cold winter night on the frozen lake where fireworks beautifully illuminate the clear winter sky. Akan Ice Festival…

2017 Shikaribetsu Lake KOTAN

“Shikaribetsu Lake KOTAN” is taken place in and around the Shikaribetsu Lake every year. At the bar which I made…

Feast of Zao frost-covered trees Festival 2017

It unfolds in the night of the slopes, it is feast of snow and fire. Skiing, and brilliant demonstration by…

Tsuruoka Winter Festival light-up 2017

Old Nishitagawa District, Yamagata office-Taiho Museum of Western-style buildings of chalk is written up. At dusk of snow is building…