Location: Gunma

Yabuzuka Scarecrow Festival 2017

Scarecrow every year, expressed and celebrities and social conditions will be exhibited.

Maebashi Festival 2017

The Maebashi Festival, there is a long history and tradition in one of the three major festivals Maebashi. It is…

The 7th Men-1 Grand Prix in Tatebayashi 2017

Tatebayashi city in Gumma is the city of noodle and hometown of Udon. This is the big event that decide…

OIZUMI Carnaval 2017

Gorgeous Samba team held contests on the stage, you can enjoy authentic samba impressive.

Gunma Yosakoi 2017

Yosakoi festival to be held in Takasaki, Gunma Prefecture. It will conduct a dance performance at each stage.

Kitakaruizawa no Mori Craft fair

Craft fair will be 10th this year. It is two days when about 70 groups of art and craft artists…