Category: Traditional Performing Arts

Shiogama shrine Hote Festival

Rites of spring in Shiogama.

Kakunodate Fire swing “KAMAKURA” 2019

New year event in Kakunodate town.

Summer Festival in Fukuji-Onsen 2019

This is a traditional summer event for the Fukuji Onsen Area. During the event period, there are nightly performances of…

Tsuinae Ceremony 2019

Interested in chasing away evil spirits? Attend the “Setsubun” festival at Kohfukuji Temple on February 2nd. “Setsubun” means “seasonal division”…

Ningyo Joruri Bunraku (Shizuoka) 2019

Traditional entertainment that Japan boasts of the world “Ningyo Joruri Bunraku”.


With taking  The Arabaki tribe ‘s like Rock ,and Energy of ARABAKI is born in Rock!!

The WADAIKO (Japanese drum) performance

◆The WADAIKO (Japanese drum) performance The 4th “The WADAIKO (Japanese drum) performance” is held in 2019 too. The powerful sounds…

karikobozu Winter Festival 2019

Nishimera-son is full of nostalgic and heartwarming events!

Nago Cherry Blossom Festival 2019

Nago Castle in ( “Nangusuku” and Read) Maintained Central Park Nago in the whole area, in mid-February from the end…