Category: Traditional Performing Arts

Large portable shrines total kneading 2018

Attracts festival our Ehime Prefecture

Omihachiman Wadaiko Festival

Wadaiko performances by the Wadaiko group and guests in the prefecture. The powerful Wadaiko performance is impressive full mark.

Nippon no HIBIKI 2018 (Japan Traditional Music Festival in Soka)

With the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games due to take place in Tokyo in 2020, the eyes of the world…

Shinjo Matsuri 2018

Japanese mountain, pike including festival car event of Shinjo Festival, stand event (33 whole country) were approved as UNESCO Intangible…

Oze Ukai (Oze cormorant fishing) 2018

Ukai is a traditional fishing method where the fisherman skillfully handles trained cormorants, sending them diving into the water to…