Adachi Museum Registration Special Exhibition. Japanese painting theme: beauty loved by masters

Various themes are taken up in Japanese painting. Some of her works portray seasonal flowers and mysterious landscapes, while others focus on the adorable figures and figures of nearby animals.
The painter picks up what he wants to express from time to time, but as he continues to work for a long time, he often draws on one theme repeatedly.

For example, Taikan Yokoyama drew as many Fuji figures in his life as a painter of Fuji, and Kawai Gyokudo continued to draw simple rural landscapes where people could feel the signs.
In the Showa Era, Sekiyuki Hashimoto, who drew a lot of Chinese features, changed his works mainly with animal paintings.
The theme that painters drew many times in the painting industry is the art that the painter has pursued many times, that is, the beauty that the painter loved.

In this exhibition, we will introduce works focusing on themes that painters drew in their lifetime. Please enjoy the beauty loved and pursued by the masters of Japanese painting.

Last updated: 26 December, 2019
Date 1 December, 2019 - 29 February, 2020
Time 9:00am - 5:00pm
Adult 2,300 yen
University student 1,800 yen
High school student 1,000 yen
Elementary and junior 500 yen

Group (more than 20 people)
Adult 1,900 yen
University student 1,500 yen
High school student 800 yen
Elementary and middle school students 400 yen

Group (more than 100 people)
Adult 1,700 yen
University student 1,300 yen
High school student 700 yen
Elementary and junior students 300 yen
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