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“DOMANI: The Art of Tomorrow” Exhibition 2021 Contemporary Japanese Artists from the Overseas Study Program of the Agency for Cultural Affairs

Preparations are now underway for the twenty-third of the “DOMANI: The Art of Tomorrow” exhibitions held at the beginning of each year at the National Art Center, Tokyo, this staging scheduled for January 30–March 7, 2021. We expect the pandemic that began early in the year, and serious disruption to the cultural scene that followed, to present numerous obstacles before then, but it is these very circumstances that prompted the Agency for Cultural Affairs to stage its first online exhibition, the popular “DOMANI plus Online 2020,” this summer past, to demonstrate its continued support for emerging and mid-career artists, and its commitment to returning to the real-life display of art at The National Art Center, Tokyo.
This year’s exhibition—featuring seven promising newcomers with overseas study program experience over the past ten years, plus earlier program participants and now Japanese art scene frontrunners Kito Kengo, Takemura Kei, and Hakamata Kyotaro—will showcase Japanese contemporary art expression in all its real, globally-attuned rawness as we head into the 2020s. The subtitle is “Creating Space,” chosen in the hope that almost ten years on from the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami, the spaces/blanks in the landscape created by a disaster still very fresh in our minds, and the time blank experienced during COVID-19 lockdowns, have encouraged us to reconsider what it truly important, and opened the door to a new era.
The Agency for Cultural Affairs is proud to present what is sure to be an extremely thoughtful, and thought-provoking, exhibition showing what can develop when artists with careers predicated on ease of international movement and display, find themselves in an art scene deprived of air for far too long.

Last updated: 18 February, 2021
Date 30 January, 2021 - 7 March, 2021
Time 10:00-18:00
Price General 1,000yen (Adults), 500yen (College students)
Venue The National Art Center, Tokyo Special Exhibition Room 2E
7-22-2, Roppongi , Minato Ku, Tokyo 106-8558