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Shuntaro Tanikawa hope★department

From the 1960s to the present, the poet Shuntaro Tanikawa has created as many as 200 picture books with various artists and photographers. His books are full of wordplay, clues to recognizing the world as it is, and the joy of nonsense. He also explores themes ranging from the fun, difficulty, and preciousness of life to death and war, and continues to challenge himself to express himself through pictures and words. The common thread that runs through the wide variety of picture books is Shuntaro Tanikawa’s hopeful view of the reader. The exhibition will feature approximately 20 picture books, and together with a variety of creators, will present original picture book drawings, videos of pictures and words in motion, readings and sounds, a giant picture scroll, and newly written installation works. It is an interesting exhibition that everyone, from children to adults, can enjoy as it ventures out of the world of picture books.

Last updated: 4 August, 2023
Date 9 September, 2022 - 26 November, 2023
Time 10:00-19:00 (Entrance until 18:30)
Price General (including High School Students): ¥1,000 / Under Junior High School Students for free
Venue Kiyosu City Haruhi Art Museum
1 Haruhi Yume no Mori, Kiyosu City, Aichi Prefecture 452-0961