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OUTDOOR ART SHOW -Playing wild in Hokuto-

Art is also fun outside! Art outdoors! Exhibition! workshop!
In fact, everyone likes the outside. Artists also like the outside. Art lovers also like the outside.
Corona, the exhibition has been cancelled. It’s dense indoors. But I want to enjoy art.
Yeah, let’s get out. Equipped with a natural air purifier! The ceiling height is infinite!
Post-corona exhibition, outdoor work exhibition, outdoor art workshop!


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Participating artists
*Order of the Japanese syllabary
Hiroki Aoki (artist) / Takaaki Akaishi (photo) / Erina Isozaki (three-dimensional modeling / metal) / Jun Ichikawa (contemporary art) / Ryo Kinoshita (contemporary art) / Kim Tae Bon (Contemporary Art) / Masato Kodama (Contemporary Art) / Sakura Fantasma (Painting) / Masashi Shigeta (Ceramic Art) / Kana Shimoto (Art Historian, Writer) / Yoshinori Shirata (Contemporary Art) / Yuki Takeuchi (sculpture) / Fumihito Nagai (photo) / Yuri Nakajima (ceramic art) / Hiroki Nishidake (sculpture) / Kenichi Haraguchi (woodworking) / Makoto Masumura (lacquer art) / Mai Yokoyama (painting) / Kazue Yoshihara (painting) / MINGLE DESIGN OFFICE (design)
and so on

Pre-events will be held in various places prior to “OUTDOOR ART SHOW -Playing outdoors in Hokuto-” on Saturday, December 4th and Sunday, December 5th!
Held in Tokyo
Date and time: November 21st (Sun) and 22nd (Mon), 2021
Venue: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Art Center “Arts Chiyoda 3331”
At the pre-event in Tokyo, an outdoor art exhibition and a ceramic art workshop will be held!

Held in Hokuto City
Date and time: Saturday, November 13, 2021
Location: Chicken from the mud (ROOSTER)
Workshop held

Last updated: 7 October, 2021
Date 4 December, 2021 - 5 December, 2021
Time 4日(Saturday)12:00〜16:30 / 5日(Sunday)9:00〜15:00
Price free entrance
Venue Chicken from mud
3971-25 Yanagisawa, Mukawa-cho, Hokuto-shi, Yamanashi 408-0307