Asahikawa Winter Festival 2020

Asahikawa year 1902 (1902) January 25, is a city which recorded the lowest temperature minus 41 degrees of Japan that have been marked as the official record. It is Asahikawa Winter Festival that will be held in strict February of the most cold. Was a “snow-ice-Akari” theme, in the event you want to enjoy actively the snow and cold, heavy snow image made in the grand scale of the world’s largest, also registered in the Guinness Book of Records, the world’s best technology “ice sculpture world tournament” which is built up in, gives a big impression on those who see the “Asahikawa snow light” to produce a fantastic space to create the objects and lights using natural skillfully.

The history of Asahikawa Winter Festival, 1947 (1947) by the people of Ainu Iyomante (bear festival) is carried out, it held the Asahikawa Winter Festival officially the first time in 1960 (1960). In 2006 (2006) celebrated the 47th, attendance is more than 80 million people, it is growing nationwide reputation as an event to represent the winter of northern Hokkaido. In addition, in was done on the night of the first day, “opening show” in 2006, a stunning collaboration of fireworks and a light and sound was the best part.

March celebrated 50 times in 21 years, gather nearly one million spectators, has become a winter event of Dohoku district’s largest.

Popular super-jumbo slide to children, tubing, mini-train, and even more, the boat for the river to snowmobile, banana, snow rafting, which was drawn sled, snow banana, in the snow amusement park just like the fun venues such as sightseeing sled next, a large number of tourists every day, and crowded with family.

Last updated: 7 January, 2020
Date 6 February, 2020 - 11 February, 2020
Venue Around the JR Asahikawa st.
4153-1, Miyamaedori Nishi, Asahikawa-shi, Hokkaido 078-8328