Earth Day in KYOTO 2020

“Earth Day” is the day when you think and act on the earth. In “Earth Day in Kyoto 2020″, The theme is ” Living close to nature ~ Let’s start with what we can do now!  Various events are held such as Marche, where naturalist shops are lined up, workshops for manufacturing natural materials, acoustic live listening to comfortable music, yoga listening to the voice of one’s own body, hints on nature-friendly living,. These two days are filled with such “tips” that can lead to a sustainable society with just a slight change in everyday life.

Last updated: 13 February, 2020
Date 18 April, 2020 - 19 April, 2020
Time 4/18 10:00-17:00
4/19 10:00-16:00
Price Entrance Free
Venue okazaki paark
Saisyojicho Sakyoku Kyoto City