Mito Plum Festival 2020

One of the Three Great Gardens of Japan “Kairaku-en,” said Mito to venue Hanko “Kōdōkan” Mito clan Plum Festival will be held. About 100 kinds 3000 to Kairaku-en, about 60 different 800 lines of plum bloom in Kōdōkan, because there are a lot of varieties of unlike other plum grove plum, features that enjoy long period the red plum, white plum variety of flower . During the festival period, Nodate tea party, Tyco Mai, also such as by plum festival enjoy.

Last updated: 25 December, 2019
Date 15 February, 2020 - 29 March, 2020
Venue Kairaku-en ・ Kōdōkan Park
1-3, Tokiwacho, Mito-shi, Ibaraki 310-0033