Nago Cherry Blossom Festival 2020

Nago Castle in ( “Nangusuku” and Read) Maintained Central Park Nago in the whole area, in mid-February from the end of January, with a deep pink petals “Ryukyu Samuhisakura (Ryukyu KANHIZAKURA)” It is in full glory. In January Sunday last Saturday, every year, around the Central Park Nago, held a “Nago Cherry Blossom Festival” festival open space special stage of Sakura Park, Nago crossroads Boulevard, at the Nago fishing port.

In addition to this two-day there is a variety of events at a special stage, in the city of transit mall, everyone becomes the center of each street meetings, excitement parade, the Nago Cherry Blossom Festival and street dance and live on the street. Definitely stay in Nago city in this opportunity, enjoy around the Nago city.

The Ryukyu bloom of Samuhisakura but will be until mid-February, in addition to the Nago Castle zone, in the northern Okinawa Island neighborhood, is the attraction point of the Ryukyu Samuhisakura, Nakijin-son Nakijin Castle, Motobu Yaedake (Motobu Chouyae only) There is a cherry tree in the forest park. It is now also recommended for over the Ryukyu Samuhisakura attractions of northern Okinawa.

Last updated: 18 November, 2019
Date 25 January, 2020 - 26 January, 2020
Venue Nago Central Park the other each venue
Nago, Okinawa 905-0012