Snow & Fire festival 2019

Town Sports Ground, Mishima-machi. From 12pm to 7:00pm. Many folk cultures of Mishima-machi will be on display in this festival, including dango-sashi (traditional tree decorations for welcoming the coming of spring) and tori-oi (procession held in start of the year, originally carried out to drive off birds that would damage crops). The primary folk culture attraction is Mishima no Sai no Kami (or the Travelers’Guardian Deity of Mishima); designated as a National Important Intangible Folk Cultural Asset, these large structures made from wood cut from the mountains and old New Year’s decorations will be set up in 13 locations across Mishima and set alight at night.

Last updated: 7 January, 2019

9 February, 2019

12:00pm - 7:30pm