Nippo Kaigan Rock-oyster Festival 2019

Hinaka Nippo Kaigan “Rock-oyster Festival 2019” starts on April 1st.
Winter is different from true brat of the season, rocky brat is the season from spring to summer!
A large grainy creamy rock will be appreciated until the end of August.

◆ The opening time varies depending on the area
· Hyuga City, Kadogawa Town … From April
· Nobeoka City … From May
· Saeki City … From June

Last updated: 5 June, 2019

1 April, 2019 - 31 August, 2019

Hyuga-shi , kadogawa-town , Nobeoka-shi , Miyazaki 、Saiki -shi, Oita

1-2-1-101, Haramachi, Hyuga-shi, Miyazaki(Hyuga-shi Tourist Association) 883-0014