Walk on Hyuga-Okan, the Historical Highway, in Gokase Town

Hyuga-Okan is the historical highway which linked Higo Province (Kumamoto Prefecture) with Hyuga Province (Miyazaki Prefecture) in Edo era. You will find historical sites and beautiful views of Kyushu mountain range on the way.
We will start at Mamihara in Kumamoto Pref., which was the centre and key point of transpotation on the highway and walk to Gokase Dome in Gokase Town. The number to be accepted is 100 persons and the deadline of the application is March 8, 2019. For application and more information, please call to the Planning Department of Gokase Town Office at 0982-82-1717. Please note that all the information will be given only in Japanese.

Last updated: 5 February, 2019

17 March, 2019

10:30~Walking Event Start(9:30~9:50 Reception time 9:50~Opening ceremony)

2,000 JPY for high school students and older, 1,000 JPY for others

"Gokase Dome" in Gokase General Sports Park

9223 Sangasho Gokase-cho Nishiusuki-gun Miyazai-ken 882-1203