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Final Selection Concert of 1st Purple Ribbon Composition Award

Join the activity to eliminate violence against women with the great power of music !

■The Aim of Creating the Award
The Purple Ribbon is a symbol of a campaign for the prevention of violence against women*, for instance, sexual harassment, domestic violence, rape, etc.** People want to create a good relationship between men and women, and essentially, nobody likes violence. Therefore, now, we have established “Purple Ribbon Composition Award, which can cultivate the treasure of music that will bring the culture of non-violence to our society. We widely invite entries for music possessing this concept. “The aesthetic experience of music” is one that can compete against violence.

Furthermore, we hope this composition award activity is an opportunity for professional musicians and fans of music to meet with music pieces aiming to put an end to sexual harassment, DV, rape, etc., and hope they adopt these pieces to their repertory.

Through these processes, we hope that the idea of Purple Ribbon spreads widely. Let’s make our society safer and more comfortable with music.

* November 25 is International Day for Elimination of Violence against Women. In Japan, the campaign of nonviolence against women is set up by Gender Equality Bureau Cabinet Office, which is held on November 12-25. So, we have scheduled the Purple Ribbon Concert during this time.

**Sexual harassment, domestic violence, sexual violence include not only against women but men or LGBT, or which there are various cases. We intend to eliminate all kinds of violence.

♪l Judges consider pieces should be premiered as many as possible and through listening to the sound of the piece the awards should be decided.

l Up to 8 pieces will be premiered in the final selection concert.

l In case more than 9 pieces are submitted, 8 pieces will be shortlisted by screening scores. After scores are screened, the result will be provided to applicants by an email.
Further remarks

l Judgment will be held in private. The result of judgment will be announced to all the applicants, and also provided on the web site.

l Awarded pieces will be announced to the applicants by an email after the final selection. It will be a few days after the final selection.

l The overall review of the works and the comments of awarded pieces will be provided to all the participants. These will be carried on the web site.

Last updated: 30 May, 2022
Date 25 November, 2022
Time 18:50~20:30
Price 500 yen (600 yen: same day ticket)
Venue Tokyo Volunteer Action Center