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SAKURA – Cherry Blossom 2023

The cherry blossoms are in full bloom with the coming of spring. They burst into bloom then fall fleetingly and gracefully. It is important parts of the reason why Japanese people love cherry blossoms. People also love HANAMI(it means basically watching flowers) which is a picnic under cherry blossom trees. It may be fine to focus foods or drinking without cherry blossoms, or the reason to see friends.

JAPAN ATTRACTONS introduces how to enjoy HANAMI.

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HANAMI spots

For your good planning HANAMI, the list below shows famous HANAMI spots.

Time of bloom

The start of cherry blossom season is changed by temperature the year. It is better to check it on web sites which provide weather information.

The past bloom dates

The past bloom dates of Someiyoshino blossom, one of the most popular and widely planted cultivated flowering cherries in temperate climates worldwide.
The cherry blossoms is in full bloom in about seven days after flowering and then the peak bloom period is five or six days. It takes about two weeks from flowering to falling.

Observation Spot 2014 2015 2016 2017 Normal value
Sapporo Apr 29 Apr 22 Apr 25 Apr 28 May 3
Sendai Apr 7 Apr 3 Apr 1 Apr 7 Apr 11
Tokyo Mar 25 Mar 23 Mar 21 Mar 21 Mar 26
Nagoya Mar 24 Mar 21 Mar 19 Mar 28 Mar 26
Kyoto Mar 27 Mar 27 Mar 23 Mar 31 Mar 28
Osaka Mar 27 Mar 26 Mar 23 Mar 30 Mar 28
Hiroshima Mar 25 Mar 24 Mar 23 Mar 27 Mar 27
Tottori Mar 27 Mar 28 Mar 23 Apr 2 Mar 31
Kochi Mar 18 Mar 22 Mar 24 Mar 29 Mar 22
Fukuoka Mar 19 Mar 22 Mar 19 Mar 25 Mar 23
Naha* Jan 15 Jan 15 Jan 21 Jan 14 Jan 18

The source :Japan Meteorological Agency The Bloom date of cherry blossoms( Japanese version only )
Someiyoshino blossom observation
*Taiwan cherry observation
Normal value is the average date between 1981 and 2010.


HANAMI is basically having a picnic meal under cherry blossom trees. Barbecue is one of good ways of HANAMI, but fire ban is in force in some parks. Confirmation of rules is essential if you make a plan to do it. There may be no space at parks in the season, so “Bashotori(keeping your space for HANAMI in advance” is suggested.
*Bashotori is also prohibited in some parks.

How to Bashotori

  1. Spread picnic blankets the space you want to do HANAMI.(Don’t put too big blanket! There may be many people. Go for the happy medium.
  2. Put heavy stones on picnic blankets or drive in piles not to blow away by wind.
  3. Write your name and time to use the space on paper, and tape it to the blankets.
    Saturday, April 5, We use the space from 4:00pm. It is O.K. to use the space until we use.
    Sunday, April 6, The space has been reserved from 10:00am to 4:00pm.
    *Leave a message certainly. No matter which languages.
  4. Come on time. Japanese people are punctual. If you are late, some people think the space keepers never come again, so they may hold your space their own.

▼List of recommended things for HANAMI

Picnic blankets, Drinks, Foods, Cover-ups(jackets, shawls, etc.) for cold weather
For large groups:
Coolers, Paper cups, Disposable flatware(forks, knives, chopsticks, etc.), Paper plates, Trash bags, Tissues

▼How to enjoy by number of persons

– Alone

Basically, more than one person get together for HANAMI. If you do it by yourself, walk under cherry blossom trees with a drink in your hand.

– A few people

Go and get some stuff at the nearest convenience store to HANAMI spot, then start HANAMI in available space. There should be small space for the number of people.

– Large group

Prepare foods, drinks, and things you need by the number of persons in advance. Bring all of them to HANAMI spot at the day. Bashotori makes your people happy if the spot is crowded. Badminton sets, frisbees, or playthings entertain everyone. Someone who you don’t know may become your friends.

JAPAN ATTRACTIONS features events on the theme of cherry blossoms.
Event date and time of bloom may slip off by locations. Please check the best time to view cherry blossoms on official websites.