【wrestling show】nkw presents「GET READY 2020」

“Big event of professional wrestling organization” nkw “!
The place will be held at Koganei Minami Junior High School Gymnasium.

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“Nkw” → nukui.kusa.wrestling (Nukii, grass, wrestling)
This group was born in December 2002 in Koganei City, Tokyo.
Advocating the genre of “entertainment wrestling”
Students and working adults gather around Koganei City, Tokyo.

Unique players who never encounter in everyday life.
“For myself”, “for customers”
There is laughter, excitement, impression! ? It’s like a life theater enriched!
We will deliver a lot of contents “watching free”.
If you are ready to step into “” the extraordinary “”, “nkw” is waiting for you!

Date: Saturday, February 22, 2020
Time: Open 12:15 / Start 12:30
Location: Koganei City Minami Junior High School Gymnasium
20 minutes walk from JR Chuo Line Musashi-Koganei Station
[Keio Bus]
Departing from the south exit of Musashi-Koganei Station: Nishino Kubo circulation (Take 51) → 1 minute walk from “Minami Junior High School”
From Musashi-Koganei Station South Exit: bound for Higashi-Fuchu Station (Fu 75) → Get off at “Nukii Minamicho 1-chome” and walk 3 minutes
Parking lot: None
Price: Free watching

☆ lineup ☆
■ nkw cruiserweight title championship game ■ One game
16th Champion “Sakai” (nkw / N4H) vs. Challenger “GT” (nkw)

■ Tag Match ■ Single Match
“Hosukoshi” “Sennin” “Yusuke” (nkw / Senoshi Hosokoshi) & “Sokotennosuke” (nkw / Senoshi Hosokoshi / Victims’ Association)
“YMD” (Free / MoneyFamily) & “Paul Ishida” (XGF)

■ nkwMD Championship Game Deathmatch One game
28th champion Minoru Kido vs. challenger X

■ nkw tag team championship game ■ one game
15th champion
“The Great Small Fish” (XGF / MoneyFamily / The Reject) & “San Francisco Xaviwell” (XGF / MoneyFamily)
“” Love Phantom “”
“King Penguin” (nkw) & “Kiku-mon Taro” (Super Original) with “Phantom Kajiwara” (unknown)

■ Single match ■ One match
“Chocotte Steiner” (nkw / Elbow Union) vs. “Dick Zlater” (Free / Elbow Union)

■ nkw championship game ■ One game
18th champion “Infant Nagata” (NYPW) vs. challenger “Colon care” (nkw / N4H)

■ Single match One game
“RYO” (nkw) vs. “Mr. Money” (nkw / MoneyFamily) ”

Last updated: 10 February, 2020
Date 22 February, 2020
Time 12:15 pm - 3:30 pm
Price free
Venue Koganei City Minami Junior High School Gymnasium
1-26-1 Nukiminamicho, Koganei-shi, Tokyo 184-0014